Yliopistokatu 40
FIN-90570 OULU
+358-40-753 3486
oh8ta at oulu dot fi

The Radio Club of Technical Students in University of Oulu

Current affairs

  • We are on Hi-Winter expedition to Hiluoto Island (IOTA EU-184) from 2016-03-11 to -13 with a crew of 13 operators, most licensed and some to-be-licensed. We're using our expedition call sign OH8T. There is a ham radio exam event on the expedition and hopefully we get some two new amateurs to our crew. So, please make sure that we copy your call sign correctly during the qso - it's a learning event for all of us. We hope you enjoy your qsos with us. We will send QSL cards via buro for all contacts right after the expedition. If you're in a hurry yuo can send us a direct QSL. Please see the contact information page for address. We are also in the process of joining LOTW but we know that it's not good for IOTA confirmation.
  • List of operators:
    • Joni OH8???
    • Janne OH8???
    • Tiiti OH3HNY
    • Joel OH3FON
    • Liv OH8FGT
    • Marko OH8WM
    • Perttu OH8FHB
    • Tuomas OH8HWL
    • Tuukka OH8TK
    • Mikael OH3FWG
    • Antti OH8KA
    • Aki OH8EFM
    • Juhani OH8MXL
  • We're going to use a R6000 vertical antenna for 14 to 50 MHz bands and a Wimo Windom for 1.8 to 28 MHz bands. On HF we have somewhat 500 watts output power.
  • We also have a military surplus 434 MHz yagi to reach a distant DMR repeater with our 5 W handhelds. Let's see if it works out.
  • Here's a summer Google street map view of our operating site. To see recent images of the ice road have a look at the ice road contractor's Facebook pages.
  • The Hi-Winter expedition is more than a 20 year old anti-annual tradition and takes place in the winter usually in the spring time when the 10 km official ice road from mainland to island is already closed. But we drive on without worrying about losing a vehicle or a few to the sea. We have survived this far. We usually also take use of the Hailuoto lighthouse for antennas.
  • Another traditional nearly annual event to Hailuoto is the Hi-Light expedition during the International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend in August. There is no ice road that time. We use the state-financed ferry ride instead. Our tax money in good use, supporting our fine hobby!

Club meetings

The most official club meetings happen every Tuesday at the Yliopistokatu 40 clubroom beginning at 6 pm. On every odd numbered week, an opportunity for personal heat and climate testing is sometimes be arranged at the neighbouring conference facilities (this means sauna!fs).

Historical reference

  • We were on Hailuoto Stealth expedition to Hailuoto Island (IOTA EU-184) from June 5th to 6th, 2010. We are participating to IARU Region 1 Field Day CW from 1500 UTC to 1500 UTC. Our callsign on the expedition is OH8T/P. Please QSL via bureau or direct. Please see contact information page for direct QSL address.
  • The club arranged the annual SRAL Summer Convention of 2009. For more details see the homepage.
  • The club's renovated mast awaits to be equipped.